LEGO City Update no. 17 – Police Station

LEGO City Update no. 17 – Police Station. In this video I show you how I build a new LEGO police station for my LEGO city: Bakersville. The LEGO police in my LEGO city has been missing a residence for a while and building a new police station was needed very much. I hope you’ll enjoy this LEGO City Update video and remember to give me your suggestions on my website!

Thank you for watching!


8 thoughts on “LEGO City Update no. 17 – Police Station

  1. Hey BB, What a fabulous front you’ve made for your police station. I really like the stepped entrance. It looks right at home within the parade of little shops. I liked the railings in front of the window too.

    I was wondering about what you could add to the row of bricks which run along the top. Either a plaque with a date or how about some type of antenna so that the police can communicate with each other and with craft entering the harbour?

    I also really liked the addition of “the creature” to the cave. I think it works really well as just its torso emerging from the gloom, you could always add a bit of greenery to camouflage the fact that it does not have legs. But, personally, I don’t think that matters as it looks like it’s wading out into the water.

    Great job Jakob. Wonderful update 👍❤️👍

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    1. I love the antenna suggestion. That’d be a great addition I think and give it some character that suits the police station very well! You must be the closets I’ve got to an expert on the matter 😀 I was partly thinking that I’d add a police boat with a flaming/smoking motor at some point – that’d be a fun reference I think 😀 Thanks a lot for all your support RH – I really appreciate it!


  2. It might be hidden, but the design of the police storefront – especially the top part – blends in much better to the street in my opinion. It gives a more natural look to the street whereas the previous store detracted from the overall look with the pizza icon standing out too much. Less is more! You will certainly have to make that cave a bit bigger if you want a sea creature in there! 👍

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    1. Yeah, I agree! I’m pretty sure one of the upcoming project will be modifying the pizza restaurant. Never been really satisfied with that one. And, I’m currently considering whether to modify the cave a bit more 🙂 Thanks a lot for all your support and your wonderful suggestions – they’re great 🙂

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  3. I really like the orange sort of stripe going across the facade. Makes it look a little like boat coloring. Really nice. =D
    Better to continue working on the layout and exteriors and such rather than interiors think. Interiors are a lot of work with little reward so to speak as they are rarely visible in a city. Unless you of course enjoy working on interiors. Time enjoyed is not time wasted. 😉

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    1. Yeah, I’m tempted to work on exteriors as well. However, one of the plans for the interiors is adding some lights. I have a chain of Christmas lights lying around and I’m curious to see if/how it works 😀 And thanks! I think the caramel stripe really gives this build a lot of character. It’s the same basic color scheme as the lowest floor of my old police station 🙂


  4. I’ve started following people in the LEGO community just recently… your videos are great, not only because is fun and entertaining watching how your city is evolving, but also cause are very detailed, and I learn lots of building techniques.

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    1. Hey Bruno! Thanks a lot for your wonderful comment! I’m really glad you like my videos and even happier that you find that you are learning something too – great! Thanks a lot 🙂


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