LEGO City Update no. 16 – Fun Fair

LEGO City Update no. 16 – Fun Fair! In this video I show you how I add a fun fair to my LEGO city. A fun fair is a good place for LEGO minifigs to get some entertainment. I’ve utilized the LEGO 60234 City People Fun Fair pack which fitted very well. I show you how I make room for this minifigure pack and how I add a LEGO fun fair in general!

Thank you for watching!


16 thoughts on “LEGO City Update no. 16 – Fun Fair

  1. Hey BB

    I really like how you’ve arranged the funfair and got so much into a small space. I think changing the stair configuration certainly helped.

    I have been thinking of a solution to my own lack of space and was considering going upwards, maybe something akin to the Lego Tower game. Although that way, I’m sure it’d become very unstable very quickly?

    Maybe the real answer is to move home?

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    1. Ha ha ha, I’m sure you don’t need to move to make room for lego 😀 Going upwards is a great idea! If you are concerned about stability you could consider 2-3 wall mounted shelfs above each other. At the right distance, you could build a tower that incorporated the shelfs without too much trouble. Of course, the solution is dependent on the strength of your wall too! 😃


  2. another cool update that I see that you have done in your lego city. when it comes to lego lego city building. you can add sets or your own creations or a mixture of both. modified sets. the magic of lego city building. was thinking maybe you can add a lego rock that you get from the city space theme sets that came out int he cave under the lighthouse. maybe a pirate put it in the cave. who knows.

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    1. Ohhh, that’s a great idea! I’ll definitely put it on the list with the other suggestions 🙂 Yeah, I think you are right – the magic is definitely that you can mix and match whatever you want 🙂


  3. I forgot to suggest an inhabitant for the cave, I was so excited about building upwards!

    How about the “Creature” Minifigure from the Monster Hunters theme? If you can’t pick up an original, it reappeared in the LM2 CMF series!

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  4. Hi Jakob
    Good idea implementing a funfair and great work on remodeling the lighthouse stairs. I really like the old LEGO pirate theme you made it in.
    First off, I don’t think using LEGO sets is cheating. But rather a way of getting a head start on the stuff you want to put in to your city. Building a LEGO city is a continuing process, the premade models will work as inspiration, just like watching what other city builders do with their city. In time you will adjusted and rebuild the premade models into your own creations.
    As for suggestions, I would get rid of the road that is dividing the park and the fun fair. That would make at more seamless connection of the two areas. I would continue the patterned pavement and maybe build one market stall. The extra space will also make better room for the “ice cream truck” and a maybe a hot dog stand as well 🙂 You could use 30356 or 30463 as inspiration.

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    1. Hey!
      Thanks a lot!
      I’ve been thinking about using some other tiles for the paving instead of the black ones. I’ve got some round light grey tiles that may look good. I’ll definitely consider your suggestion for my future revisions. I didn’t mention them in the latest video as I didn’t catch your comment before now – sorry! Thanks a lot though, it’s really useful 🙂


  5. Hi Brick Bakery, good effort to integrate the fun fair set into that small space! I feel that the “shooting targets“ can swap places with the “hammer dong”. Put a skeleton with imperial soldier Tall hat in the cave.

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  6. Hello Jakob.
    That’s a very busy and colourful baseplate! It’s nice to see it so busy but for me it’ s slightly too much in a small space.

    For the new cave, I think the entrance looks too symmetrical. and you could probably replace one of the 1×2 inverted slopes with a 1×3 inverted slope. You could maybe put a crab or a lobster in there.
    Also maybe putting some darker grey at the base of the rocks would make it look like it was being lapped by the water.

    The funfair goes well in a seaside setting. However I wonder if the big black road is too dominant on this baseplate. So rather than putting in a wall to separate the two areas You could consider reducing the width of the road and/or making it into a more natural path, you could then make the funfair look like its’s more connected with the park on the adjacent baseplate.

    All good fun!

    best wishes and keep safe / Max.

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    1. Thanks a lot! I agree on the symmetry of the cave! I’ve actually modified it slightly for the latest video but failed to mention your comment – sorry! I’ve been wondering about the black road too. I think it would be nice to make the road from some light grey round tiles I’ve got. Then it may not bee as domineering. The busyness is something I really like to be honest but I can see how it may be too busy for some. In accordance, with another comment and yours too, I may adjust the road a bit and see if that can maybe make a little more room. Thanks a lot 🙂


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