LEGO City update no. 12 – Boats

LEGO city update no. 12! I’m adding LEGO boats to my LEGO Harbor in Bakersville. The Docks area of my LEGO city is fast becoming one of my favorite areas to work on. There are so many great things that I can build for my LEGO Pier. In this video I show you how I build LEGO boats to add to my LEGO city and I illustrate that things can’t always be perfect. However, LEGO is ALWAYS awesome no matter the process!

Thank you for watching!


15 thoughts on “LEGO City update no. 12 – Boats

  1. I agree the gondola doesn’t fit. How about a dingy or two instead? Or some little boats like those from the Ninjago city sets?
    Whatever you choose though, I think you might need to make your harbour even bigger, as it looks pretty tight with just two little boats.
    Awesome work though. Love seeing it all come together.

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    1. Thanks! In principal, you are right with regards to size. However, I’d really love to have other stuff beside a harbour in my city. And, with limited space… The boats from the NC sounds like a good idea – I’ll chenck them out and the gondola will probably be dispanded shortly 🙂


  2. The issue is about space, I think. Therefore, the small sail boat you have created looks ideal from my perspective. The inverted wedge pieces are a good choice (I used one on the front of my Dune Barge to great effect). You ‘could’ put something bigger in there with more detail BUT it would dwarf the harbour and ruin the scale. Cpt Mutant’s suggestion is good – but only if you have the luxury of extending – which I don’t think you do! So something small is the ticket here and I like the sail boat a lot. Perhaps you could accompany it with a dingy, just to get something else in there that again, doesn’t ruin the scale? Alternatively, a rescue ring with a minifig in it? Or some ducks (do Lego even do ducks?).


    1. Ohh, I like the idea of adding animals! That would look interesting I think! Thanks! I’m pretty sure LEGO has introduced some ducks in a creator set at some point. I could use those as a basis I think! I thin you are right about the scale and definitely about the space I have. I’d love to expand, but the room is limited – unfortunately!

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  3. Hey BB

    I think the yacht looked good, although I found the mast and boom a tad too chunky in comparison. Equally the four fenders (you referred to as pontoons) look oversized! As for the gondola, yeah, it didn’t work. But, if you want a fun element maybe you could change it into a pedalo? You often see them in beach resorts made to resemble a duck or swan!

    As for the yacht, maybe a catamaran would work better? Or something akin to the shrimp boat from the Hidden Side set? You could keep the narrow keel, just add a bigger superstructure?

    With space being a premium I think you have to be conscious with regards to scale. And, for me, that was the big issue with the yacht. It looked like odd set against the harbour. Maybe a small cabin boat would be better, something like the police launch which I showed you?

    Great start my friend. Looking forward to reading others comments and thoughts 👍

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  4. another fun city update clip watched. maybe instead of a gondola you rebuild it into a small fishing boat.or a little police boat. like the color scheme though. as for the sail boat. ya I know there is something about it. maybe the sail is too big? not sure. maybe you can keep the motor on it and leave out the sail part. dont mind me with my comments. hehe. I do like that you started to create boats for your harbor from scratch.

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    1. Thanks a lot! Yeah, I’ve been wracking my brain on how to get this right. I think you are on to something when you talk about removing stuff. I’m wondering if removing the cabin may do the trick!?!?


  5. YOOOO AMAZING boats! Would be cool if they could float! Do you have a boat base so that it could float? Would be cool to see that! Great to come and get some positive motivation! Would be FABULOUS if there could be a harbor expasion!

    Also Jakob, about the COVID 19 Pandemic, I’m starting to get quite worried for you and the LEGO community as Europe is now the epicenter of the outbreak. Victoria already confirmed 30 cases and Australia in total 250 cases. I really really hope you guys stay safe!
    Kind Regards,

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    1. Thanks a lot TFB! I appreciate your concern – thanks a lot! However, I am quite safe at the moment and we are taking a lot of precautions nationwide. We’ll just have to see how it goes. Fingers crossed for the whole world!


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