Mailtime no. 17 – Important Announcements and sigfigs!

Today I have some important announcements regarding my video schedule and I’ve gotten some cool letters from some even cooler LEGO youtubers. In this video I talk about how my schedule will look in the future and I open two letters from Adorabuilds and Itsabrickthing! I hope you’ll enjoy this video πŸ™‚

Itsabrickthing Alan on Twitter:

Adorabuilds on Youtube:…

Thank you for watching!


10 thoughts on “Mailtime no. 17 – Important Announcements and sigfigs!

  1. Er, actually, no. This is not good at all. Totally unwarranted. I simply DO NOT ACCEPT your apology.

    Because it’s unnecessary, my friend!

    You have absolutely no need to say sorry. You have not done anything wrong. And in my view, you’ve done something very right. You have recognized that there is more to life than making YouTube videos. πŸ˜€πŸ‘

    Have we enjoyed hundreds of your Brick Bakery episodes? Yes! Did we love having a live stream every Friday? Of course!

    But you are human, like the rest of us. And humans need rest, relaxation, time off and the freedom to play with other things and other toys. So I applaud you for taking the pressure off yourself. I did too. I did nothing in all of January! πŸ˜€ Did my ‘fans’ suffer terribly? Are they mad at me? I don’t think so. They will live. And the ones I did fail to satisfy I refuse to serve as their slave anyway.

    We have loved your work and will continue to do so just as much for however much content you bring us, whenever that may be. Personally, I will always be thankful for another Brick Bakery. I am also thankful that you have seen common sense and are now going to enjoy some other things.

    You totally deserve it! πŸ˜€πŸ‘

    Now put up your feet, or better still, take a trip down the street to a real bakery and have yourself a rewarding piece of cake and a coffee. Oh, and if you could, please take mini-Rogue with you. I’m sure he’s up and about by now. πŸ°πŸŽ‚β˜•

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    1. Thanks a lot RT! I’m very happy that you think so. I think it’s both because it’s a little disappointing to myself – I’d love to keep going. But you are completely right! I have been putting up my feet furiously ever since I made this video πŸ˜€ It’s been wonderful. I dunno what to do with all the time I’ve got at this point πŸ˜€ Thanks a lot!

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      1. Coffee, Jakob. Lots of coffee. And then some. I think actually, that you are a little bit like me. You have tremendous energy and you like pouring yourself into something and going to town over it. That’s good. But take some time out to see more of this amazing world God has created and perhaps ask Him what He has in store for you next? And did I mention coffee…? (and cake – we have tons of cake at home at the moment – my wife’s new job means she can take home anything that doesn’t sell that day. So she does. Its a lot. So come on over and help us eat it or I will end up all rolly polly!) πŸ€£πŸ°πŸŽ‚β˜•β˜•β˜•πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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      2. Haaaah – sounds like the perfect job if you ask me πŸ˜€ Cake is wonderful! Yeah, it’s really important to use your energy wisely. Finding a good pace and trying to unwind sometimes is very important. I think I recognize the “going full throttle” if there’s something that you find interesting. I find that it can be very productive to just do a little at a time even if you want to do more. Then you are always ready for the next time you do it… if that makes sense πŸ™‚

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  2. Hi Jacob!
    No Apology needed!!! Allways take care of yourself! I think ones a month is perfect. Hopefully allows me to join the steems more often and it is somting to look forward to! πŸ˜€
    Do the things you like!!!
    Enjoy building!

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    1. Thanks a lot MB – I really appreciate it! I’m really looking forward to the new schedule actually – I can feel the weight off mu shoulders already πŸ™‚


  3. Seems like a great plan to diversify your time across a few hobbies so they all stay interesting and fresh! I vlogged a couple times per week for most of 2014 and did get burned out, so I’m aware of how time consuming it can get. It’s part of why I haven’t ventured into making Lego YouTube videos myself even though I have the equipment and the necessary skills for video editing, etc. Attempting to post +5 photos per week on Instagram is much simpler and almost as fun for me. πŸ™‚

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    1. Yeah, the Instagram solution is great! I try to post there regularly as well – it’s SOOOOO much easier and the time it takes is much more manageable. I really hope you get back to make videos at some point – it IS fun πŸ˜€ Thanks a lot my friend – I really appreciate it!


  4. I really can’t add much more than that already said by Jezza. You really are the glue that bound us all together and now we have become a great bunch of like-minded friends who share their passion for the ABS.

    I know that, through Brick Bakery, I have made some great pals. Your live-streams have enabled us to become comfortable and confident. Your enthusiasm and energy have given me the impetus to do more.

    Congratulations on everything you have achieved. I for one, look forward to seeing more output from you whether that’s weekly, fortnightly, monthly or when Denmark win Eurovision!

    Thanks for all you do! ❀️❀️

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    1. Thanks a lot RH! I really appreciate it. There’s a lot of people who have said the same thing about the livestreams. I’m amazed how much it has meant to people and it’s VERY nice how people have met through it! I really appreciate all the support and kind words throughout! Thanks a lot RH! As we’ve won the Eurovision a whopping three times, I’m sure it would be plenty to schedule videos for those occasions! πŸ˜€


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