Talking with: Legolamaniac [interview]

Interview with LEGO YouTuber LEGOLAMANIAC! In this video I talk with LEGOLAMANIAC who is a fleeow LEGO youtuber. He has done great stuff on his channel and is a great builder. I really love his puzzle boxes and his style of presentation is perfect! In this video we talk about all things LEGO and I try to get to know LEGOLAMANIAC a little better!


Thank you for watching!


15 thoughts on “Talking with: Legolamaniac [interview]

  1. Ho ho ho! I so enjoyed this! What a great interview, Jakob! The questions were great as were the answers and I was so very pleased to see Legolamaniac in his fabulous matching costume – epic and priceless. I also noticed how he kindly displayed my Old Outpost Tower (what a privilege!) and how he kept changing the position of the sigfigs around it. I have not been well for some time which has put me out of action and lacking in energy and motivation. This video really cheered me up. Thanks so much for posting!

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    1. Oh, I’m sorry to hear that – hope you get well soon my friend! LEGOLAMANIAC is a great guy and I really enjoyed working with him. Thanks a lot for watching 😀


  2. Hey BB
    That was simply a wonderful interview. Great questions with really positive answers and messages.
    It was fun to see Legolamaniac in all his glory too! Mrs H and myself watched both interviews back to back and it was great to see the banter between you. Well done sir! Plus my Secret Santa gift was in full view 😁

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    1. Thanks a lot Mr. RH! I’m really glad that you liked the interviews. LLM is a great guy and I really enjoyed working with him on this! My best to you and Mrs. H! 🙂


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