LEGO Great Ball Contraption BlockheadUK – Interview

LEGO Great ball contraption (GBC) by BlockheadUK. In this video I talk with Caz Mockett from BlockheadUK about her wonderful LEGO modules for the Great Ball Contraption system. In this interview she talks about how she customized some existing modules and how she overcame some of the problems with them. LEGO Great Ball Contraptions are cool and Caz has made some great modules for this LEGO contraption! Check out

BlockheadUK here:…

Thank you for watching!


10 thoughts on “LEGO Great Ball Contraption BlockheadUK – Interview

    1. I think she also does a lot of microscale. Some of her builds are currently displayed in the LEGO house, if I remember correctly. Check out her channel.

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  1. 3:23 is the most fascinating part. That module seems to have a reverse functionality that can magically move balls through the air against gravity. I did not know that was possible using only LEGO parts. 🙂

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