LEGO City update #7 – Park Tree

LEGO City Update. In this video I update my LEGO City – Bakersville – with a new tree and park. A Park Tree! It’s a great custom LEGO addition to my LEGO city and I really enjoy building my LEGO city in this way. I talk about how I built the tree and customized it from an existing LEGO creation. Watch this video if you want to see how I made a cool LEGO Park Tree for my LEGO city!

Thank you for watching!


6 thoughts on “LEGO City update #7 – Park Tree

  1. first long time no see . sorry I having a hard time at school but anyways I like the light house the one thing I would change is the white fence on the top of the light house with the fence from the haul #22 . I had an idea that you should a radar tower for cell phones in the city .

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      1. Thanks brick bakery . school has gotten pretty good over night while under quarantine . but the bad thing about being quarantine is every thing is closed and I will miss my birthday which I find hilarious . but the good thing is I have zero online classes and I am healthy .

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