Top 5 wishes for a new LEGO Movie!

Variety reported that Universal Pictures are in talks with The LEGO Group about making more movies based on our favorite brick-based toy. Apparently, Universal will aim more broadly with their potential LEGO movie projects, but what would an AFOL like to see from a coming LEGO movie styled movie?

5. New Characters

Yeah, I know it’s a little sacrilege to say this, but I’d love some new central characters. Don’t get me wrong; I loooooooove Chris Pratt as Emmet and Lucy, MetalBeard, Batman and all the others a fun and have a great cast. It would be fun to see some new characters in the lead though and maybe have Emmet and the gang play a supporting role. Putting another minifigure in the lead would also take the movie in a different thematic direction which may be great too! And can we please have comedian extraordinaire Eddie Izzard; do a voice too – that’d be great! Thanks 😀

4. Alternative theme

Both the LEGO Movies has – at is core – been about the power of creativity and imagination. It’s a great theme and I love how both movies have challenged general conceptions on how to put the bricks together. Meanwhile, I’d love to see a story that had another central theme. Maybe something that speaks more to other core values of the LEGO brand? Learning!? I don’t know! The thing is, building (ha) another movie around the same central theme may get a little repetitive.

3. A LEGO Space movie

We only got small hints of LEGO space in the first two LEGO Movies. But, LEGO has a long tradition of creating colorful and creative LEGO Space Themes. Classics like M-Tron, Blacktron and Futuron are wonderful and a movie including those theme would be very cool. Clearly, it would cater mostly to AFOLs but LEGO is all about AFOLs these days, so it might fit neatly.

2. Step outside the known themes and brands

The LEGO Movie 1 and 2 was very reliant on existing LEGO themes and brands – Batman, City, Pirates, Friends etc. Benny the Spaceguy was also there to accommodate any nostalgic AFOLs. It was great! It would be very interesting to see the next LEGO movie step outside the known themes and brands and create something completely unique. It is not very likely though as much of LEGOs popularity also stems from brand-recognition based on other brands – Star Wars, Jurassic Park etc. But, a movie set in a completely new LEGO world would be really awesome!

1. More Realistic Creativity

While I’d like to see a story that wasn’t about creativity, it doesn’t mean I didn’t like the creativity of the two previous movies. I loved how everything was built from LEGO, how everything had a small easter egg and all that. It sparked my imagination every time a new scene started. And it was all something you could actually build. Everything on screen could be made with LEGO bricks and that type of realism is just awesome! So, I’d love to see even more creative use of the bricks to create a fun, “realistic” and buildable world! When I’m done watching the next LEGO movie, I want to be able to go home a build my favorite scene straight away.

According to Variety, Universal will aim to reimagine some of their own franchises (i.e. Jurassic World etc.) before anything else. And, Warner Brothers probably have some intellectual rights to the LEGO movie styles movies. So, the question is, if we’ll see another LEGO movie styles LEGO movie for a while!? But, meanwhile, we can all dream!

What is your main wishes for a new LEGO Movie? Let me know in the comments 🙂

All pictures brought with permission from Brothers Brick.


4 thoughts on “Top 5 wishes for a new LEGO Movie!

  1. Considering the flop LM2 was, I would be very surprised to see LM3 anytime soon. More likely to be a film based on one of the more popular themes such as Jurassic World etc.,

    Personally, I’d like to see a Bill and Ted time travel type film. That way all our favourite themes from the past could be incorporated such as pirates or castles!

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  2. Ohhhh, yeah, time travel! That would go great with the style of the LMs! Great idea RH! And a cool way to integrate the old sets in pristine shape! Ohhh, maybe it could be a movie exploring the turnaround in LEGO. It’s set in the late 1990s to mid 2000s and all the horrible LEGO sets are there – Jack Stone and all that! And one minifig has to go back in time to figure out what real LEGO is about. Then he can bring back some of the old spirit and get LEGO back on track! It could be wonderfully META with real-life actors and some of the real people as well!!! That would be fun 😀


  3. I like Robin’s suggestion very much. I’m thinking that this time-travelling adventure could take new modern characters right back to the early days of Lego when brick types were limited and maybe incorporate some of the actual official Lego sets into the film. We would then heartily recognise some of our favourites from yesteryear and say things like “I had that set”.

    Or then maybe (also) do some parodies of well know stuff along the way – a visit to moonbase Alpha (space 1999), Alien’s Nostromo or LV426. Star Trek could feature too in some way along with Pirates of the Caribbean. There’s lots of scope and many licences to pay for but hey – that’s the entertainment business!


    1. Yeah, it could be cool to see a movie aimed more at AFOLs to be sure! And maybe more mature themes like Alien etc. would do great in that! I like this time travel idea a lot I’ve got to admit!

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