Overanalyzing 31069 Family Villa

A monument to the lizard people taking over the world!

When you look at the 31069 you are maybe marvelling at the wonderful details at the windows, maybe you enjoy the car in the garage? But watch out. If you look too long you’ll realize the TRUTH! There’s a flock of lizards taking over the world!

Why do you think the main nuances of this set is white and red? White is the same nuance as summer clouds and red is the same color as red roses. When do roses bloom? In the spring and summer! What else is springy? The surface of a lizard! BOOOOOM!

Look at the green plate in front of the main door. You may think: oh, that’s a nice color! WRONG! It’s the same color as lizard skin! And what else it the same color as lizard skin? Money! Money are green – it’s a fact! BOOOOOOM! The lizards have already taken over the money!

Now you are probably thinking: well, green is all well and good. But that doesn’t prove anything! But wait! There’s more! Look at the first floor of the villa. How many windows to you see? Two? And what do they look like? Eyes? YES! The look like two eyes! And what else has two eyes? LIZARDS! BOOOOOOOM!

There you have the FINAL proof of a huge flock og Lizards taking over the world.

Or am I overanalyzing?


4 thoughts on “Overanalyzing 31069 Family Villa

  1. You forgot the Garage door, Jakob. It’s actually a replication of a Lizard’s mouth. There’s even something yellow there in its teeth! Oh, and then there’s the word ‘replication’ itself – which has the same first three letters as ‘reptile’! All the clues are indeed there, my friend. Like the very scale of the overall build. Reptiles have scales too! As for taking over the world, well, what do we see in front of us? Those scaly creatures already inside our houses!

    We just never saw it coming.

    One more thing. You’re wearing green trousers. What else is green…? BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!

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