This Santa MECH is a custom creation I made from LEGO. It’s a LEGO MECH inspired by such things ans Metal Gear Solid and LEGO Bionicle. It’s a small LEGO MECH for Santa to deliver presents at high speeds and precision. This LEGO MECH puts the ho ho ho back into Christmas. In this video I present my latest LEGO creation – a LEGO MECH for Santa.

Thank you for watching!


2 thoughts on “LEGO MOC: Santa MECH

  1. Ho Ho Ho! So you had this up your sleeve all along! That’s quite a posable mech too. Nice display of equipment also. Great build and lots of fun! Christmas Mechs are coming. They are coming for you, me and everyone. Christmas Mechs FOR ALL… (reverberated sound of maniacal laughter…)😁😂🤣💀

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    1. Ha ha ha ha – fantastic! The video that Renny made still has me laughing 😀 And thanks for all your nice words – I really appreciate it! Maybe I should do more Holiday themes MECHs – I’m sure the Easter Bunny, Toothfairy and Sandman needs one too 😀


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