LEGO acquires BrickLink

Today, it was announced that the LEGO Group has acquired the secondhand LEGO platform: BrickLink. It is an exciting move for both parties. Reading the announcement on BrickLinks website, the acquisition seemed almost inevitable.

Wrote BrickLink in their announcement:

When two companies have perfectly aligned visions while filling in the missing parts of each other, it’s not too difficult to imagine how the collaboration will go.

In an interview with Julia Goldin (LEGO Chief Marketing Officer) the Brothers Brick pressed for details on the potential conflict of interest. However, CMO Goldin underlined that the LEGO Group does not believe there is such a conflict. An interesting detail that came out of the interview: the LEGO Group will only support LEGO-branded sellers on BrickLink.

In the view of this AFOL; the acquisition of BrickLink is a smart move. Controlling the largest online platform for selling and buying secondhand LEGO is a huge opportunity. The potential for the LEGO Group to – essentially – compete with themselves in the sale of bricks-on-demand is undeniable. Traditionally, the LEGO Group has been very fan-minded and service-oriented and this acquisition can be an interesting way to improve that even further. Supplying builders with the bricks they need, when they need them, is key to a thriving LEGO fan community.

What is your view on this acquisition by the LEGO Group? Let me know in the comments!


2 thoughts on “LEGO acquires BrickLink

  1. Having access to see what’s happening in the secondary market, like how often old Castle themed sets are sold and for what price, what pieces are frequently bought in bulk and what price the market has set for those pieces, could be super valuable for decision making when it comes to which Ideas sets to publish, if there’s money in reissuing old sets for a second wave, etc! Here’s hoping everyone benefits from this move long term!

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  2. Agreed! The data the LEGO Group can access from the platform may very well shape their strategies for AFOL interaction in the future. I hope this’ll produce some synergy between LEGO and the AFOLs – maybe more LEGO Ideas-esque projects!?


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