LEGO Haul no. 1

We take a look at a haul of LEGO I found at a couple of thrift stores.

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Thank you for watching!

Look for new videos every Monday! Brick Bakery is dedicated to exploring old LEGO sets. The sets explored are often official LEGO sets from the 1990’s and 1980’s. We also invesitage LEGO history in old LEGO catalogs and engage in some LEGO archeology by looking into used LEGO and LEGO found in thrift stores. You’ll find let’s builds, leaf throughs and the occasional LEGO haul video here on Brick Bakery. This channel was started because I found a big box of my old LEGO sets. So follow this channel as I attempt to rebuild my childhood collection of LEGO sets and engage in a bit of LEGO archeology.

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LEGO Hauls playlist:…

Let’s leaf through playlist:…

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All the best Brick Bakery

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